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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 27, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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surveillance videos released by the public defender three years ago. undercops allegedly barging into tenderloin hotel rooms without a warrant in some cases stealing computers, cameras and money and lying about it on police reports. >> these officers were called in court regularly. they were involved in making hundreds of arrests. and their word was believed by judges and prosecutors who relied on their testimony to secure convictions. >> reporter: public defender jeff adachi says the alleged misconduct led to the dismissal of 100 cases because these officers could not be trusted. he will be looking back at even more cases. in a separate indictment, some of the officers are accused of stealing marijuana from evidence and making deals with informants to sell it and split the profits. the chief says five of the officers have been suspended without pay and their weapons taken from them. the sixth officer renaldo
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vargas was already fired in another unrelated case. he appeared in federal court today. >> my officers know that i will not have dishonest cops among us as they sully the ranks of the honest men and women out there doing the job. >> my hope is that, you know, this sends a message loud and clear to everyone in law enforcement that this kind of conduct won't be tolerated. >> reporter: the officer in court surrendered today bail set at $50,000. the other five officers will be arraigned in court tomorrow. allen? >> all right, linda yee, thank you. ryan takeo at the henry hotel in san francisco and a lot of folks there have had a rather tense relationship with police over the years. >> reporter: that's right, allen. it's very tense here at 6th and mission. normally it is. this is not a good part of town. we are in the tenderloin here at the henry hotel. residents say that police are here almost every day and the ones that we talk to are glad
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to hear about the indictments but they were skeptical that this will actually change anything around here. those who live inside say at times officers especially undercover ones that are in plainclothes are very aggressive. one man who was here when the allegedly illegal raids happened says he and others who live here don't trust the cops. >> them coming in and asking for the key and going straight upstairs and not even knocking. they just enter the rooms. you know what i'm saying? and i don't see how that's cool. you know? i can see if they are on parole or probation but a person not on probation or parole, they shouldn't be able to just come in and just walk in your room. >> reporter: one of the officers indicted is no stranger to controversy. this goes back some 16 years. he has been involved in more than one high-profile case. we'll tell you about that coming up at 6:00. live in san francisco, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. new at 5:00 a dramatic rescue after three teens fell off a steep cliff at the san
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francisco beach. it happened just after 12:30. the teens were walking at eagle's point near china beach when they fell down a 30-foot cliff. a coast guard cutter took two of the teens to the hospital. the third victim had to be taken by helicopter with serious injuries. >> there are three people being rescued. two are green, which we call walking wounded, and they are being transported now. the third more critical victim will be lifted off the beach by the coast guard. >> they were all taken to fort baker for treatment. a break in the rain but not for long. a live look from our mount vaca cam. storm clouds starting to build. meteorologist paul deanno telling us the second round going to bring more heavy rain and gusty winds. >> in some cases it's going to be stronger than last night. last night by bay area standards was very strong. we had lightning almost an inch of rainfall and we had wind gusts to 45 miles per hour. let me introduce you to storm number 2. it is the bigger of the two storms. look at that comma shaped cloud. that's a healthy strong storm that will make a direct hit on
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southern california but a glancing blow around here still means a lot of rainfall. kpix 5 hi-def doppler showing showers this morning. but currently, nothing on the radar. that will change later on this evening. it is about midnight tonight when a line of heavy rainfall will make it to the coastline. the atmosphere is very charged up today. those soaking rains will arrive by midnight tonight. it will hit the coastline first moving in from west to east and all night long it is going to be a wet and windy night. it may wake you up the heavy rainfall and chance of lightning and thunder. winds are going to kick up in the higher elevations and at the coastline including the santa cruz mountains and east bay hills. we could see gusts up to 55 miles per hour. it's not just there. futurecast looking at sustained winds overnight tonight getting up to about 30 miles per hour around midnight. and anywhere from 25 to 35 miles per hour while you are sleeping tonight and tomorrow morning. so it's going to be windy. it is going to be wet. it is round 2. len ramirez is reporting
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live this evening from san jose. and len, finally, the south bay got in on the action last night and will again tonight. >> reporter: that's right. it rained all night here in san jose. and that has just primed the area for a lot of runoff. here in downtown san jose they have had flood control measures so there's less of a chance of general flooding. but hundreds of people living along the banks of the river in the middle of the santa clara valley and for the homeless the danger of flooding and worse is very high. reporter: andrew is not homeless anymore but he returned to his old digs a massive 200-person encampment called the jungle on the banks of the coyote creek to sound a warning. >> this water might come up here this next rain on saturday. the water is going to go up. that's what's on the news. >> reporter: he lived here for three years before recently getting into transitional housing. he says his former neighbors may not have heard a coming
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storm could dump enough rain to transform coyote creek overnight. >> this is like the calm before the storm, with little ducks over here. it looks like it's a smooth ride. but later on tonight, it will rise. it's going to rise. this is the rain that california needs. but the homeless people along this creek they don't know the dangers that can happen here. >> reporter: the san jose fire department is also concerned. in years past it had to deploy swift-water rescue teams to pluck stranded people off riverbanks and small islands when river levels caught them by surprise. >> the rains will come and then they will stop. and people will feel safe and go back to where they are staying and feel that, okay, it's over, it's done. and then the runoff from the hills start to come down and hit, and that's when it catches them, when they are least suspecting. >> reporter: word is getting around to the homeless. people are pulling out of their camps. homeless shelters are making
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room for the influx of people taking higher ground from the coming storms. len ramirez, kpix 5. people across the bay area are using a break in the weather to get ready for more rain and wind. [ sound of chainsaw ] >> tree trimmers tell us they have been getting a lot of calls for service. many homeowners just want the limbs cut back to try to limit the wind damage and flooding is certainly another worry. san rafael's offering free sandbags in the community. one resident spent most of the day filling the bags to block the water that drains off the hill right next to his home. >> it challenging. comes down so fast, you hardly have time to prepare for it. but it's all right. we need the rain. it's great. everything is nice and green. and it's very nice for the city to offer the free sandbags, too, for us. it's really a bonus. >> residents say they would rather be prepared knowing how fast the conditions can change. the snowpack in the sierra is better than expected but still not enough to put a dent in the drought. today survey crews made the trek out for the monthly snow survey.
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even with the fresh blanket of snow yesterday, the snowpack is just 24% of normal for the year. state lawmakers today approved a huge drought relief bill. a $687 million plan is on the way to the governor's desk. it's designed to help farmers who are not getting any state or federal water allotments this summer. well, it wasn't much of a surprise but governor jerry brown made it official today: he will run for re-election. brown's announcement came with little fanfare. he posted it on twitter. the governor cited his work on improving california's budget troubles. if reelected, the 75-year-old brown would serve an unprecedented fourth term as governor. young muni riders getting a big gift from google. today city leaders in san francisco announced an unprecedented $6.8 million gift from the tech giant to pay for an additional 2 years of free muni for low income commuters. the mtc funds the pilot program
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that provides monthly free muni passes to more than 31,000 low income kids. >> i think this is a good time for the city and i think google is getting it, has got it, and i just want to kind of signal my very great appreciation of taking their very first step that will help assist us as a city make this place more affordable, more compassionate, more inclusive. >> the multi-million dollar gift is one of the largest private contributions to city services in san francisco history. a tanker spill creates a nightmare for bay area commuters. the highway clean-up that lasted for hours. and the hazmat scare for a nearby neighborhood and creek. >> talking or texting behind the wheel will get you a ticket. but there's one thing you can now do with your cell phone that is perfectly legal. >> subway got rid of it but now a chemical used in yoga mats has been found in hundreds of more popular foods. ,,,,,,,,
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highway 101 is back to normn morgan hill. a double-tanker truck flippe it took 13 hours but the clean-up is finished and southbound highway 101 is back to normal in morgan hill. a double tanker truck flipped over in the rain. an estimated 1300 to 4,000 gallons of fuel spilled on the roadway. kpix 5 reporter kiet do has more on the messy operation. reporter: we are here on 101 southbound right near tennant avenue in morgan hill where crews are busy sucking up all of this spilled fuel with long vacuum hoses. they are all wearing gas masks. i can tell you that the odor is very strong. we're standing down wind and feeling very light-headed at the moment. >> the water district and fish and wildlife agency says there is no evidence that any fuel got into a nearby creek. the highway patrol says the truck collided with a car after a collision with a car that lost control while going 80 miles per hour in the rain. the driver of the sedan was not
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injured. the truck driver had minor injuries. however, the accident did prompt an evacuation of 14 nearby homes for several hours. >> my son, who lives with us, he was the one that took the -- opened the door and his eyes were burning really bad for a while. >> the evacuated residents were allowed back into their homes at around 6 a.m. san jose firefighters certainly had a busy day. the latest call was for a fire on the campus of a high school. they responded to reports of a structure fire at mount pleasant high. turns out it was a shed that students had built on campus. fire was put out quickly. no reports of anybody hurt nor how the fire got started. a san jose family is without their home after losing everything in the fire last night. it started in the carport of their townhome on chenoweth avenue near oak grove high school. 18 people evacuated their homes in the area including 8 children. the red cross silicon valley offering help to those displaced by the fire.
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you could call it the epicenter for the electric car movement. how one bay area city is getting so many drivers to plug in. >> the makeover coming to food labels. the small changes that could help trim the fat. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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you a closer look at the vee that was shot at along i-580
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near castro we want to get back to the breaking news we had at the top of the hour. a closer look at the vehicle that was shot at along 580 near castro valley. the investigation focuses on a black pickup truck. >> the westbound lanes of 580 do remain closed as this investigation continues. you can see officers making what they call the walk check. they are looking for shell casings along the freeway. they are walking parts of the freeway as it's closed trying to collect any evidence. but again, reports of a freeway shooting. the car windows shot out. no reports of what the injuries might be in this. but again, the highway is closed. we'll keep an eye on 580 for you. the evening commute is affected by this. you can see the traffic on surface streets. new at 5:00 a california appeals court says it is perfectly okay to read a map on your cell phone while you're driving. today's ruling reverses the conviction of a fresno man who was ticketed last year for
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looking at a map on his phone while he was stuck in traffic. the judges say that the law the driver was cited for specifically applies to people listening and talking on their cell phones. fremont has the tesla factory that builds a lot of electric cars. the city also home of one-third of the people in alameda county who drive electric cars. john ramos reports on how fremont is pushing the envelope on green transportation. reporter: the electric vehicle charging station sits empty at fremont's whole foods store. but it's actually a positive sign because five months ago, this one didn't exist at all. >> we have a large segment of our population that's very interested in the technology, very open to it. >> reporter: electric vehicles or evs are being embraced by people in this city. a study of state rebates handed out to new ev buyers shows that fremont, with more than 1,000, is the highest per capita in the bay area. >> and we actually found that we had a slightly higher number than the city of san francisco,
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for instance. >> reporter: does that feel good to you? >> yeah. you know, it's kind of interesting. >> reporter: city leaders say they have a lot of high-tech clean tech workers living here making good salaries. and they say it doesn't hurt that the tesla auto plant is located here. >> people see it on the freeway every day as they are driving to and from work and so i think that that really increases our trust in the technology. >> reporter: even if they can't afford a tesla. >> yeah. there are definitely less expensive electric vehicle options. >> reporter: mike mason bought one of those. he says places like this target store with more than 20 chargers gives him the ability to stop worrying and just enjoy the electric car. >> they are fun to drive. i think everybody would be interested in not having to stop at a gas station. >> reporter: in this city they seem to be taking that message to heart. in fremont, john ramos, kpix 5. >> here's another indication of how popular electric cars have become in the state of california. more than 80% of this year's state rebates for electric cars have already been handed out
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and, of course, it's only the end of february. first lady michelle obama wants to make it easier for you to see the ingredients in your favorite foods. today the first lady announced proposed changes to nutrition labels that would display the calorie counts larger and with bolder time. sugars added during processing would be included. last months we warned you about the chemical in yoga mats that is also found in subway's bread. now an environmental group has released a list of foods that have the same chemical listed an an ingredient. at least 130 brands are named from pillsbury to little debbie with almost 500 products on that list. subway has since removed the chemical from their breads. you can see the complete list on our website, >> you eat certain things you get a little spring in your step. [ laughter ] >> looking out bright side. >> feel buoyant today because just ate part of a yoga mat!
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>> or maybe more flexible! [ laughter ] another round of rainfall is moving in. this may be more significant than what we had last night. and it was pouring this time yesterday. how much rain so far? kentfield nearly 2" of rainfall with another inch coming tonight and tomorrow. san francisco encroaching on one inch. same story for concord. san jose getting another inch over the next 24 hours. redwood city .63." fremont .59." where is the rainfall now? we are not seeing it yet on kpix 5 high-def doppler radar. it will be several more hours before a significant line of rainfall will move in and once it does, the wind is going to increase, a slight risk of a thunderstorm. it is going to be a pretty stormy night. wouldn't be surprised if mother nature tried to wake you up a couple of times while you're sleeping. a winter storm warning for the south sierra for the general lake tahoe vicinity. it's a winter weather advisory. up to a foot of new snowfall above 6,000 feet tomorrow and an additional 4 to 8" coming up on saturday.
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slowly we're making some dents in this drought. this is all kind of adding up to a very good month rainfall- wise. we'll finish february above normal rainfall-wise, the first wetter-than-normal month since december of 2012. and this will be the final storm of the month. the final day of the month tomorrow. here comes storm number 2, big storm, strong storm, the center of it is heading right towards southern california. and they will see a lot of rainfall, perhaps too much rain in just one day. so wet and windy for much of the entire state of california. for us it's a glancing blow. that said, still wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour tonight. still a chance of thunderstorms. and still a lot of rainfall out there. some of you will get an additional inch of rainfall. so we are wet and windy as storm 2 moves in. after that we calm things down. after saturday morning, we are going to be dry for much of the weekend. next week i'm looking at a pattern that's going to be close and could go either way. the ridge of high pressure builds back. but not strong you have to really shove all the rainfall to the north. it will be close. and i think there will be two or three times next week where we see something on the radar just not a ton of rain moving out of the north bay into the
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entire bay area. so what to expect, rainfall wise? tonight i'm going to show you that line. futurecast says at midnight it's lining up along the coastline. it slams in while you're sleeping. showers continue heavy at times for the morning commute. scattered showers will be around for much of your day tomorrow. tomorrow will be a rather stormy day. what to expect, rain and wind coming back tonight. chance of thunderstorms along with that rain tomorrow throughout the day and rain will continue into at least saturday morning. here's your extended forecast. we're wet tomorrow. by saturday afternoon i think we're dry. if you want to get outside and play a little golf over the weekend sunday the better day mid-60s. monday showers in the north bay but most of us stay dry. the one widespread chance of rain next week is wednesday. it's a stormy pattern for us. we get two of at least per winter where we get rain, wind and chance of thunderstorms. we are going to get two in three days. from nothing to all. >> batten down the hatches. >> thanks, paul. a special shield for online shopping. the credit card technology giving you extra protection from hackers.
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the credit card of the futu could stop all that. cons watts shows who isn't worried about credit cards being hacked? the credit card of the future could stop all of that. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts shows us just how those smart credit cards will work. reporter: dave cory's bank of america card looks a bit like a calculator. when he pushes a button, the card generates a random 6-digit code that provides an extra layer of security when he does his online banking. >> because the code always changes, the information in your credit card is use less to someone who steals it. >> reporter: it's known as a secure access card and some banks along with paypal are now offering them for a small fee to customers who want extra protection. type in the randomly generated number and your transaction goes through. get it wrong and it doesn't. instead of a card, wells fargo offers a device, a number generating authenticator known as an rsa. after the security company that
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invented it. it's hosting a conference on security this week in san francisco. right now, the technology is primarily used here in the u.s. for online banking like transfers but cory's company hopes to bring the same type of authentication to credit and debit cards which is already available in europe. >> so what these cards do is they allow you to look at and get your balance, your last transaction, your award points. >> reporter: there's still no telling when or if we'll see these in the u.s. as we're just beginning to adopt for sophisticated technologies here -- more sophisticated technologies here something that's more urgent since the recent security retail breaches. the changeovers will cost billions. it could be a small price to pay considering the alternative. now, some banks are already sending out cards with a different kind of new technology known as chip and p.i.n. you may have received one. they offer better protection against fraud, as well.
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not quite as good as this. however, the card readers for those chip and p.i.n. cards aren't expected at point of sale until later next year. if you have a problem call us. 888-5-helps-u. >> small fee ten bucks i would pay for that extra layer of protection. >> given what i went through with target and that whole thing i'd pay it. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ shop at anncr: at jennie-o we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride 10 miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco made with jennie-o ground turkey cooked thoroughly to 165.
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westbound 580 remains closed near castro valley. investigators are looking into a possible freeway shooting. >> the reports have been that a driver's window was shot out. chopper 5 pulling out here so you can see the effect that this closure has had on the evening commute. rush hour traffic is a mess in the east bay. the investigation was focusing on a black pickup truck. so we'll be sure and keep an eye on thi we'll give you an update at 6:00. >> i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight of course we'll be looking at that story and cracking down on bait and switch tactics in the wake of "covered california's" website problems. how state law could change to protect consumers and it's all because of our kpix 5 reports. back to you. >> all right. we'll look for that. thanks, ken. thanks for watching us at 5:00. "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell in for scott pelley this evening. remember our latest news and weather are always on our website, see you in 30. captions by: caption colorado
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>> o'donnell: tonight, the >> o'donnell: tonight, the battle for ukraine. gunmen seize a government building and raise the russian flag as moscow sends fighter jets to the border. clarissa ward and david martin report. the midwest hasn't been this cold in three decades. fears of mudslides force evacuations in california. jamie yuccas and ben tracy on the weather extremes. the federal government investigates a deadly defect in g.m. cars, seven years after being alerted to the problem. jeff glor met the family of the first victim. >> she's still gone. and it's still their fault for not fixing the problem. >> o'donnell: and major garrett on the president's plan to put minority men on the road to success. >> if america stands for anything, it stands for the idea of opportunity for everybody.


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